Amanda The Adventurer

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Amanda The Adventurer is a cartoon simulation game where you will experience adventures with the character Amanda to complete the episode's puzzles. However, this online game will have some thrilling elements to make more exciting experiences for all players.

Adventures With Amanda

The main character is Amanda, an adorable black girl. She lives on a peaceful farm with cute sheep. However, that peaceful life did not last long when unexpected events occurred on the farm. All events are recorded and shown through episodes. That's why this new game plays out like a cartoon. To start the game, you need to put the film reel on the television. Put the episodes in the correct sequence and start solving the puzzles!

Amanda's adventure will include lots of puzzles and challenges. You need to guide her through and uncover the secret of each episode. It's like an escaping game.

Episodes Of Amanda The Adventurer

This online game will include 4 episodes: Baking a Pie, Going to the Store, Making New Friends, and Blanked Episode. As you can know, each episode will be on a different topic and you need to perform different tasks. The variety of themes creates many unexpected situations for all players. Therefore, you need to react flexibly to diverse situations to win.